What Happens In Your Body When You Meditate

What happens in your body when you meditate

As you begin your journey to meditating, you will soon discover that not only does it help your mind, but it helps your body as well. Here are some changes to your body that you might notice as you meditate more and more.

You Reach Optimal Relaxation

Naturally, your body becomes very relaxed when you meditate. The more regularly you practice meditation, the easier it will be to relax and release stress from head to toe. During a beginner’s meditation practice, you often tune in to each part of your body and release tension. You focus on your face, ears, neck, arms, and legs, moving from head to toe. You find any tension in your body. Then you imagine releasing the tension or discomfort. When you reach the bottoms of your feet, you feel fully relaxed.

It Can Release Tension

Meditating and becoming more relaxed can reduce cortisol levels in your body. This reduction of cortisol helps reduce pain and discomfort. If you are experiencing chronic pain, the release of tension takes the comfort to an entirely new level. Suppose you struggle with PMS cramps, muscle aches, joint inflammation, or back pain. In that case, this can be at least temporarily relieved during the meditation practice.

Your Heart Rate and Breathing are Regulated

There have been several studies on other physical health benefits of meditating. One finding is that meditation can help to lower your resting heart rate. This is important if you tend to have a higher heart rate which might cause high blood pressure and even put you at risk for stroke or heart attack. With meditation, your body is calming and relaxing. That often means breathing more normally, reducing your heart rate and blood pressure.

For more physical benefits, try different chants to help connect your mind and body. Repeating a phrase that brings in more positive energy can provide benefits like reducing pain or lowering your blood pressure. You can even try chants that target other issues you may be having.

It may take time before you notice these changes in your body. Still, it is no mystery why people recommend meditation for overall health and wellness. These benefits are in addition to the mental and emotional benefits you get from meditating.