What Are Some Tips For Yoga Beginners?

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If you are just starting with yoga and have no idea where to begin, a few things can help you along the way. These tips and tricks are not meant for someone who wants to grab a DVD and get to it. These are tips for true beginners who want to expand their knowledge and routine of yoga to benefit from it on a routine basis. These are tips to help you transition from a beginner phase into a long-term yoga practice.

Use Accessories

One of the first and best tips any yoga practitioner can give to a beginner is to use accessories. These accessories are yoga blocks and straps. You may not understand why you need them but consider a specific pose first. Consider the standing forward bend. The full pose ends with the practitioner’s hands flat on the ground next to their feet and their head against their legs. If you aren’t flexible, this can be difficult when you start out. You can use a brick standing upright to help you. As you become more flexible, you can lay the brick on its side, then finally lay it flat or remove it. Straps can help stretch your legs or hold stretching poses that would normally be difficult for beginners. You can, just as with the yoga bricks, move the strap or remove it as you become more flexible.

Start with a Class

You may be inclined to start your yoga practice at home with DVD instructors or online streaming instructors. Though this can help you decide if you want to continue doing yoga, it may not be the best idea for long-term practice. You don’t have to go to classes for the long term, but initially, it can help to ensure you are doing things correctly and safely. You can get one-on-one assistance with your yoga poses when you go to a class. This ensures that you are doing them correctly. If you do them incorrectly, you will not get the same benefits, and you may end up causing injury.

Start a Routine

Even if you try different yoga paths and practices, you still want to try to create a routine. This should be done at around the same time daily and treated almost like a health ritual, such as a bedtime routine would be. The routine should be a few poses you can do in a slow, smooth movement. Ideally, you want to go with poses that are easy to do and remember. Create the routine, ensure you are doing the poses correctly, and then start doing them daily. This will help you learn what works for you and get your body used to the yoga routines.

If you combine these tips, you will find yourself well on your way to a solid yoga routine. Remember to expand your knowledge base and routine as time permits to give yourself the full range of what yoga can do. You can also use the information for classes or private yoga practice in your home.