Turning Meditation into a Habit

turning meditation into a habit

You probably already know all the benefits of meditation and some of the basics. Still, if you want to meditate regularly, you must turn it into a habit. Here are some ways to do that.

Choose a Trigger for Meditation

A trigger is a word, phrase, time of day, or situation that reminds you that you need to meditate. This will often depend on your schedule, whether you are practicing at a certain time, or your main reason for meditating. If you are meditating for stress relief, naturally experiencing stress at home might be your trigger. For other people, it is a phrase they tell themselves once daily. Or the trigger is something like waking in the morning. Choose something you do every day if you want to turn meditation into a daily habit.

Commit to Daily Meditation

Committing to meditation every day is what is really going to turn it into a habit. You want to do it every day in a way that makes it part of your schedule. Commit to it by posting a tracker or schedule on your wall. Or you could put it in your phone to get reminders each day. All of these will help you commit to the practice.

Add it to Your Daily Routine

This is similar to scheduling your meditation sessions. The difference is that you can create a routine around your meditation practice. This routine can include doing the same things before and after meditating. For example, you could add practicing yoga or taking a warm bubble bath to relax. You may want to journal, have your morning coffee or have an evening cup of tea. Alternatively, meditating might be something you want to do right before sleep since it relaxes your body and mind. Creating a routine that makes sense to you, and works with your schedule and circumstances, will encourage you to meditate regularly.

Remind Yourself of the Benefits

Still need a little more of a push? Remind yourself of meditation’s benefits! Think about why you want to meditate and turn it into a habit. Think of all the benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to helping you sleep better and even providing some natural anti-aging benefits. There is so much meditation can do for you. The more you meditate and learn this practice, the better off you will be.