The Top 4 Gifts to Destress and Relax

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If you know someone going through a stressful time right now, a gift to destress and relax will help them. The gift can help preserve their mental health. There are a variety of gifts available to help people destress and relax.

Stress can be the cause of many diseases. It is vital to learn how to control our focus and learn to relax. Some items can help in the relaxation process. They also make an ideal gift for stressed-out individuals.

1. A Subscription Box for Destressing and Relaxing

A subscription box for destressing or relaxing can consist of various items. These items can include candles, body oils, bath products, journals and coloring books.
Such products can help an individual relax their mind, body, and spirit. At the same time, they also distract from the stress.

A subscription box can be an ideal gift for someone who needs to learn the importance of self-care. A subscription box for destressing/relaxing is a spa experience. It’s also fun to open the packages each month.

2. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet or Necklace

If you want to please your girlfriend, wife, mom, or sister with a gift, give them a useful one. An essential oil diffuser helps promote relaxation throughout the day. An essential oil diffuser bracelet or necklace is a perfect gift.


Here are some examples of essential oil diffuser bracelets.

These both come with multiple colored diffuser pads so you can change them to suit your mood or to match your outfit. The second option also comes with a set of essential oils to get you started.

You add your essential oil drops to the colored pad and you are all set.  The scent will last for several hours to all day.  All you need to do is move your arm to get a whiff of the scent you added to your bracelet.  You do want to be careful to not put different oils on one pad at the same time, unless you are trying to have a mixture of scents.

This bracelet uses lava stone as the diffuser.  The natural volcanic lava stones are very lightweight and porous, making them a great diffuser of essential oils. You simply put a few drops of oil on the stones and you are ready to go.  This one has the added bonus of having crystals for each chakra as well as the lava stone for the essential oils.


Here are some examples of some essential oil diffuser necklaces.  Some are made from lava stone and others have interchangeable diffuser pads that you can change out like the bracelets.

 This one has a lava stone bead that you use as your diffuser.  It is similar to the bracelet above in that you simply put a few drops of essential oil onto the stone to have the scent with you all day.  The stone soaks the scent up like a sponge, but allows you to smell a light scent of your chosen oil as you move throughout your day.  It also comes with several different colored that you can change out to match your clothing or to suit your mood.

 These necklaces have the changeable pads inside the locket, similar to the bracelets above.  You add your essential oil drops to the pad, close the locket and you have your chosen scent with you for the day.  The scent then provides relaxation in stressful situations you might find yourself in.

 This necklace may not look like it’s an essential oil diffuser, but it has a diffuser pad hidden inside that you can add your essential oil drops to.  It also has the phrase “Be Still” printed on it which will help serve as a reminder to those who wear it to relax.

Jewelry is always a good choice. When you add the relief of stress during daily commitments, it makes it even more helpful.

Bath Bombs & Candles

One of the best ways to relieve stress after a long day full of various obligations is to take a long bath. When you add a bath bomb to a tub full of hot water, it creates a relaxation oasis.  Bath bombs often have the added bonus of containing Epsom salts which is not only good for healing, but helps your muscles relax.

Lavender is well-known for its ability to induce relaxation and sleep, making this candle perfect to use at bedtime.  Light this candle and you will soon be enjoying the subtle scent of lavender and begin to relax.  This particular candle is quite large, so will last you a long time.  It provides about 150 hours of burn time, allowing you all the time you need to relax.

Giving the gift of candles and bath bombs raises the level of relaxation in a unique way.

Aromatherapy has a positive and healthy effect on our mood. Each provides relaxation and self-care. Candles and bath bombs are good choices for individuals who are often under stress.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a great therapeutic tool. They help with relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and improving mood. It is an excellent gift for someone who needs an item supporting the nervous system. They create a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Weighted blankets also improve sleep.

This list should get you started on finding just the right gift to help those in your life destress and relax.