Tips for Setting Up Your Home Yoga Space

Tips for setting up your home yoga space

You can do yoga anywhere in your home (or office) at any time. Still, it is often easier to motivate yourself when you have a dedicated yoga space. Remember, you don’t need much space to create a yoga area in your home. Here are some different ideas.

Good Spaces for Doing Yoga at Home

To start with, choose a good room for setting up your home yoga space. It might be best to use a room with a door to close off the room while doing yoga. You don’t necessarily need complete silence like for meditation or journaling. But it is good to minimize distractions as much as possible.

The living room is a good spot if you have enough free space or can move furniture out of the way quickly and easily. Find a corner to store yoga accessories like a mat and blocks. Your bedroom is excellent when you need more privacy, though consider how much room you have. Another option might be a den or basement.

What You Need in the Yoga Space

What you need in your yoga space will be up to you. Consider whether you use many accessories with your yoga practice. For home yoga, you will probably do it with online classes, a book, or a DVD, so make sure these electronics are nearby. You will need a yoga mat in most cases and might have tools like blocks or wheels. Other accessories might include candles, an essential oil diffuser, or your yoga attire.

More Tips for Setting Up Your Space

Here are more things to consider when creating a yoga space in your home.

  • Choose the right colors: Yoga is a relaxing activity and one that should not have too much outside stimulation or distraction. Bright and bold colors are great for décor but might not be great when getting into a fully relaxed state during yoga. Try to choose an area with lighter and more neutral colors, like lighter shades of blue, green, purple, soft yellows, or neutral tones like grey and white.
  • Have it ready to go: Having your yoga space set up and prepared for your next session can help motivate you to practice yoga regularly.
  • Reduce clutter: It is helpful to have a clean and organized yoga space without a lot of clutter. If you constantly have to remove clutter, you will be much less inclined to practice yoga regularly.