Tips For Improving Your Yoga Flexibility

Increase your flexibility with yoga

You probably started practicing yoga to lose weight or release tension. You might not have anticipated wanting more from your yoga practice or sticking with it for as long as you have. Increased flexibility is another advantage of yoga you may want to gain from your yoga practice. There are some things to remember if this is your goal. Here are some ideas to help you get going.

Increase Bends and Arches

Increasing the number of poses that employ bends and arches is one of the simplest ways to improve your flexibility via yoga. One excellent starting stance is the downward-facing dog. Beginning in a bent position, you create a reverse V shape with your body. The triangle’s or V’s point is located in your back. Your arms and legs are both spread out. By gradually putting your hands and feet closer together, you may increase the stretch and movement, which enhances your flexibility. You can use this method with different asanas and positions. Possible poses to try this with include any of your forward or backward bends, rocking boat, and bridge techniques.

Move Away from the Wall

Some asanas need you to use a wall to support your legs or as a wall sit. This has the drawback of not actually working your back or leg muscles. By resting your body against the wall, you are not fully engaging your muscles. As a result, you may not attain the flexibility you desire. Step away from the wall and hold the position using your body and muscles. You’ll feel more flexible, and your core will get a workout.

Use Bricks and Straps

You could soon become discouraged when you initially concentrate on increasing your flexibility, especially with yoga. You’ll discover that you can’t maintain your arms or legs stretched as far as you thought you could. Rather than giving up, use blocks and ropes. With straps, you can start with a specific length and gradually cut it shorter or remove the strap entirely. You can begin with bricks in the highest position on their side, move them carefully to the other side, lay them flat, and then remove them as your flexibility increases.

You will start to observe improvements in your flexibility if you implement these suggestions. Although regular yoga practice and adapting your regimen as needed help you become more flexible, it takes time. Just keep in mind that it will require effort and time.