Stay Healthy Through Good Diet and Exercise

healthy food

How do you avoid getting sick? Multiple illnesses are going around currently. To avoid getting sick – not just from cold and flu, but anything else that’s contagious – you need to keep your body as strong and healthy as possible. How do you do this? Eat a healthy diet and exercise daily. Here’s what that may look like.

Tips for Eating Healthy

Improving your diet to eat healthier can seem like a challenge. There’s a lot you can do. The key is to start and make small improvements as you go along. A great place to start is by cutting out sugar and processed foods. Replace them with whole foods options where you can. Have an apple instead of a candy bar when you need a snack. Fix some scrambled eggs instead of pouring a bowl of sugary cereal in the morning. Skip the fast food burger and fix a salad to take to lunch. You get the idea.

From there, add more fresh fruits and vegetables. Try something new. A new piece of produce, a new healthy recipe, a new way to cook your favorite foods more healthily. Experiment, and don’t be surprised if your tastes change over time. A baked sweet potato will start to taste better, while soggy burgers will lose their appeal.

Easy Ways to Get More Exercise into Your Day

The key to regular exercise is to create a few habits. An easy way to start is to incorporate a brisk daily walk. Something as simple as a stroll after dinner or first thing in the morning can contribute to a healthy body. Another option many find helpful is to wear a pedometer or fitness tracker. Monitor your daily step count for a few days and then increase it slowly until you get to the recommended 10,000 steps – or challenge yourself to do even more.

Keep your bones strong and improve overall fitness by adding simple weightlifting routines. You don’t need any fancy equipment. Use your body weight for resistance, and grab some cans to use as weights. Of course, if you’re feeling motivated, you may also choose to join a gym or hire a personal trainer to help you get into a good workout routine.

Between the healthy food you’re eating and the exercise you’re getting, you’ll start to feel better, get stronger, and become healthier. As a result, your immune system will be in a better position to protect you from whatever cold and flu season sends your way.