Resilience Starts at an Early Age

resilient child

If you want to be resilient, make sure you start at an early age. If this didn’t happen for you for some reason, don’t worry. You can still help yourself to be more resilient. However, when you start as early as childhood, it becomes part of you to the point where it’s natural.

Even if you weren’t taught to be resilient early on, there is no reason why you can’t help your kids become so. The main lesson is to ensure they follow through on whatever they start. Perhaps they want to join a sports team. Don’t let them quit midseason because this sends a message to your child, the team, coaches, and other parents. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, require your child to play the entire season. They do not have to take it up again the following year if that is what you want to allow.

Kids should follow a routine. When they get in the habit of doing similar activities at the same time each day, they will be more likely to complete whatever they are doing. Allocate time for homework as well as play. But, free time should be allowed as well. Free time is time your children can do whatever they please, including playing video games.

When your kids are a bit older and their subjects are more challenging, encourage them to form study groups. Study groups are a great way to interact with others and solve common problems. It also encourages the group to complete what they set out to do. They will be resilient when doing this.

Set aside time for exercise for you and your kids. You could take them on a hike, or you can play sports with them. It’s a great way to get involved as a family and get the needed exercise for both you and your kids. People in good shape will be more resilient at many tasks compared to out-of-shape people. This resilience includes mental activities as well.

Getting a start early in life is an excellent way for people to become resilient. They get used to following through to the point where it doesn’t make sense not to. It gives them more years to work with than if they start later in life. Also, we know that habits that start early in life tend to carry through to adulthood.