Postural Benefits of Chair Yoga

chair yoga class

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” as we have all heard. Those words have a tremendous impact when thinking about how to repair bad posture and alignment. Poor alignment is created over time. As a result, bad posture cannot be fixed in a single day. “The leaning tower of Pisa won’t become straight in a week” might be a better idiom when considering posture and alignment.

However, Chair Yoga exercises and daily “posture awareness” can improve posture. In classes, posture awareness is referred to as “homework.” Students frequently laugh, but they also understand that during class is when they practice and learn Chair Yoga as a group.

Following class is when people put the principles they learn in motion and adapt them to their lifestyle. While Chair Yoga is not a “cure-all,” people will see improvements in every aspect of their life. However, practicing homework separates the fantastic success stories from those who see only modest improvement.

So, what is posture awareness? It is taking the time to be aware of your posture daily. How do you increase your awareness? Look at your side profile in the mirror and any self-portraits first. Now, take a top-to-bottom inspection of your spine.

Do you notice any slouching, a forward neck tilt, or unusually large curves? At all times, your spine should be reasonably straight. Work on maintaining a straight back and neck while performing various daily tasks like standing, walking, reading, eating, lying down, typing, and more.

We can all recall a teacher in elementary school telling us to “Keep your back straight,” and now we know they were right. From this moment on, take the time to correct your spinal alignment whenever you can remember. In a Chair Yoga class, the alignment and posture guidelines you learn can be as straightforward as “Pain or no pain.”

Attend any workshops on chiropractic and orthopedic medicine if you can. Learn about your spine, your body, and your options. These workshops and other beneficial gatherings frequently exist at neighborhood senior centers. These sessions are typically free. There would need to be no commitment on your part, and it may be a valuable “fact-finding mission.”