Listening to Music While Meditating

listening to music while meditating

Meditation is often done in silence or guided meditation, but what about listening to music? While it might not be something you should do initially, you can definitely use music to help get you into the right state of mind for proper meditation.

Meditate in Silence When You First Start

You will eventually get to a place with your meditation practice where you might choose to listen to music. Still, initially, there might be better ideas. It is good to practice meditating until it becomes a natural habit before adding potential distractions like music. Of course, this is also up to you. Some people can become more relaxed and maintain a more open mind when listening to certain types of music instead of complete silence.

Choose Your Music Wisely

The next thing to consider is the kind of music you listen to. Some people may tell you that you can only meditate to relaxing music, like the type often used with guided meditations. But this might be different for you. Remember, you are an individual. You might find something with lyrics or even music like rock relaxing for you. It is good to start with more relaxing music, preferably without lyrics, but you can also experiment as listed below.

Experiment with Different Styles of Music

A great thing for you to do is to start experimenting with different styles of music. Think of a few different types, whether they are your favorite or not, and do the same meditation practice while listening to each one. During a simple session, pay attention to how it affects your thoughts, mind, and feelings. Don’t get frustrated by how different the experience might be, as music can often have a more considerable impact on your meditation practice, but that’s not necessarily bad.

Start with soft and relaxing music that is just instrumental, with no lyrics. Do a 5-minute meditation practice with this, then move on to other styles, with lyrics or not. After your sessions, reflect on the experiences. Did you notice that certain types of meditation are easier with certain kinds of music? This can be a fun experience to enter even more profound meditation. Explore music and write down the experiences in a journal.