How to Use Yoga Blocks

How to use yoga blocks

You can use many different accessories to improve your yoga practice. Yoga blocks are a great accessory to start with. There are so many benefits to using yoga blocks, including the following:

  • helping with more advanced moves you are new to
  • having a way to stabilize your body
  • using them for different types of moves

What are Yoga Blocks?

Yoga blocks are one of many accessories – also called props – that can help you in your yoga practice. These are not just for beginners, even though people often assume they are. With the yoga blocks, many moves are easier to learn first, especially inversions that require flipping and contorting your body into more intricate positions.

Yoga blocks come in a few sizes and are soft to the touch. But they are sturdy enough to be used in various poses. The original yoga blocks were made of different types of wood, making them very sturdy to balance on. However, many modern blocks are made of foam, making them a little easier on your joints.

How are Yoga Blocks Used?

There are several different ways to use yoga blocks. Still, the primary purpose is to help you balance your body while doing yoga. For example, many people will use the block when they first start doing inversions like the crow pose. You can place yoga blocks under the hand closer to the mat to give you extra stability when learning this pose. Over time, you will learn how to do the poses without the yoga block, but you must learn how to crawl before learning to walk.

Others like to use yoga blocks to help strengthen their core. For example, you can put it between your knees and hug it while performing different abdominal moves during yoga. This helps to engage your core quite a bit.

Why Should You Incorporate Yoga Blocks?

By now, you have a good idea about using yoga blocks and the main benefits. Here are some other things to keep in mind. Yoga blocks are inexpensive and easy to find. This makes them very useful, especially for beginners. It won’t cost much to buy a block, and you can find them anywhere yoga mats and other accessories are sold.

You will advance further in your yoga practice. If you need help progressing to the next level with your yoga practice, remember that blocks can help you get there faster. They give you the extra support you need to practice more challenging poses until you master them.