How to Use Journaling for Meditation

How to use journaling for meditation

Do you love journaling? Want to learn meditation? If so – you’re in luck because there are some ways to combine them! Here are some ways you can use your journal to improve your meditation.

Create a Meditation Schedule with the Journal

Using a journal is a tool for many healthy lifestyle changes and habits you are trying to create for wellness, including meditation. Perhaps you are just beginning to meditate and still need the motivation or routine. To start with, you can use the journal to help create a meditation schedule.

Turning it into a habit really helps to create a schedule. You can do this on your phone or on a calendar. But by doing it in your journal, you will see it every day when writing in your journal, where you are encouraged to meditate and use your journal more often. Both of these are wonderful for your mind and mental health.

Journal Before or After Meditating

After you have started using the journal to schedule your meditation sessions, you can track them in the journal. This is a great way to encourage you to write in the journal more often, which also benefits you. You can even journal before or after your meditation.

Turn this into a daily habit, where you write in your journal either before meditating to get into the right head space or after meditating when your mind is clear. You’ll have clarity that you don’t want to forget. Record everything about the meditation session, from what you experienced, to your challenges. As you do this, you will start noticing trends and even see your growth with meditation.

Try Mindfulness with Meditation and Journaling

The last way to use journaling with meditation is to add a simple mindful practice simultaneously. Many people will combine meditation and mindfulness or journaling and mindfulness, so why not combine all three? How you combine them is up to you, but one good method is to schedule meditation sessions in your journal. After you meditate on a specific day, get out your journal and write down some mindful thoughts and experiences. Doing this after meditating allows you to fully take advantage of your clear mind when you have more clarity, as discussed previously.