How to Learn the Headstand

yoga headstand

As you advance in your yoga practice, you will move from basic to more advanced poses. Doing a headstand will help with several poses you will do in more intense and advanced yoga practice. There are several benefits to doing headstand-based poses or asanas. These benefits include meditation and circulation benefits. If you want to progress in your yoga practice and add some asanas that go with headstands, here are some ways to do a headstand properly and safely.

Practice with an Instructor

The first step to practicing a headstand correctly for yoga is learning with an instructor. This may seem like a step you can handle on your own, but before you dismiss it, consider this. You could hurt yourself if you don’t have someone to spot you during your headstand. You may also perform the headstand incorrectly, which could strain your back, neck, and core. You could seriously injure yourself to the point of requiring medical treatment. By practicing with an instructor, you can ensure that you perform your headstand properly.

Use Neck Assistance

Did you know that there are devices you can use to help stabilize your neck while performing headstands? These specialty pillows and braces are designed to support your neck and help keep you in a safe position. You may find supports with bars to help you keep your body in the best position and provide additional stability during your learning stages. You can purchase these assistive devices from yoga stores or health and fitness stores.

Use a Friend

Another way to learn headstands for your yoga practice is to have a friend assist you. Your friend can spot you, hold your legs, and help you safely come out of the headstand if you start to fall. This is more of a safety option than anything else. However, this may be the ideal step if you have a friend who has done headstands and can help you learn.

These are only a few ideas you can use while learning to do headstands properly for your yoga practice. Practice does take some time, but make sure to keep it safe. The best tip you can take and use in your headstand practice is to have another person nearby to help you. This helps reduce possible injury and keeps you safer if you fall.