Home VS Studio Barre Workouts

woman practicing barre exercises

There are two main options for trying barre workouts: going to a studio specializing in barre or trying the workouts at home. At home, you rely on a DVD or instructions you find online and print out. There are also some books available that you could use as a resource. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which option is best for you.


People commonly choose to do their barre workouts at home because it is more convenient. You don’t have to worry about what you look like or wear at home. You won’t be embarrassed by others seeing you, and you can work out anytime. A studio may only have classes at specific times that don’t work with your schedule. It may be challenging to make it to the studio on time when you have kids at home or work odd hours. For these reasons, working out at home and making your own schedule can be a great option.


When you go to a studio for your barre workout, they usually provide most of the equipment you need for the workouts. Some studios may ask you to bring your own hand weights. Still, they typically have some equipment in the studio you can use for the class, rent, or buy from them for your convenience. They will also have either ballet barres across the wall or provide portable ballet bars for students to use while taking the class.


Suppose you choose to perform barre exercises at home. In that case, you may be motivated to work out more frequently because you will be more at ease and can exercise whenever you want. Your barre workouts can become part of your entire workout routine. For example, you could do them before jumping on the treadmill or after your walk. You could involve others if you wanted. Making this into a family workout routine could make it even easier to do consistently. Your whole family is encouraged to try it out when it is most convenient for everyone. In addition, you would be saving money.


A significant benefit to taking barre fitness classes in a studio instead of doing them at home is that the instructors can look at your form and correct you if needed. This can be helpful when starting, especially when you haven’t done this type of dance before.