Hatha Yoga Poses For Stress Relief


People frequently refer to yoga as a natural remedy for stress relief. This is primarily due in part to the meditational aspect of the practice. In addition to the tradition’s meditation aspect, there are poses that can help with stress relief. If you are new to practicing Hatha yoga, you may be wondering if it has the same types of poses or which poses may help relieve your stress. Here are a few poses to consider for your routine stress relief.

Camel Pose

To help with stress relief, you can start with camel pose. Start the pose on your knees. Slowly lean back until your shoulders are over your feet. Place your hands on your heels.

camel pose
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woman performing bridge pose
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Bridge Pose

Lay on your back on the floor or your mat, then bend your knees. Next, move your feet closer to your buttocks. Press down firmly on your feet to lift your hips. Clasp your hands behind your back on the floor. Hold the position with your hips elevated, then exhale and release, rolling your spine slowly back to the floor.

Cobra Pose

From bridge pose, slowly roll over onto your knees and then lay with the front of your legs flat on the ground. You can also lay flat with your stomach on the floor or mat. From either of these poses, move your arms into a pose similar to one for push-ups. Push up slowly and move so your chest is open and facing out, like a cobra. This releases stress from your chest and chest muscles and your back.

cobra pose
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woman in corpse pose with candles near her
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Corpse Pose

When you finish with cobra pose, you can roll slowly onto your back and go into corpse pose. Lay flat on your back. Place your arms out to your sides. They should be out at a slight angle with your palms facing up. Your legs should be shoulder-width apart. Breathe slowly in this position. This is a pose that many people use to stay relaxed when are too limited on time to complete an entire yoga routine.

Lotus Pose

Try the lotus pose if you still need a bit of meditation at the end of your stress-relief yoga routine. You sit with your legs crossed, palms up on your knees, and your back straight. Breathe in and out slowly and start your meditation. This is an excellent way to end your routine if you do it in your home and out of bed. If you are doing the poses in bed, consider ending with the corpse pose instead.

lotus pose
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These are just a few more common Hatha yoga poses that can aid in stress relief. The ideal option is to mix these Hatha yoga poses with a stress relief routine such as a bedtime ritual or meditation ritual. The combination will give you a complete relaxation option and help reduce stress throughout the body and mind.