Gentle Yoga Stretches To Start With

Gentle yoga stretches to start with

Whether you are starting with yoga or struggling with more challenging moves, it is good to return to the basics. This is when you perform more gentle yoga moves that stretch your body while also lengthening and strengthening it simultaneously. Take a look at these beginner-friendly yoga stretches that will be gentle on your body.

woman practicing mountain pose

Mountain Pose

This is a straightforward yoga pose that everyone can do. It is easy to remember, and no matter what body pains you have, it is a stretch you should be able to get done each morning or during your practice. Perform the mountain pose while standing up with your feet planted firmly on the ground. They should be together and touching each other on the ground or mat. Rest your arms at your sides. Standing in the mountain pose will help you prepare for your daily practice. You can then move your legs or arms around in any stretch you need to.

Child’s Pose

Another gentle stretch that is great for your body and an easy way to get introduced to yoga is the child’s pose, also called balasana. The child’s pose is done on the mat. It is excellent for stretching your body before or after a workout. It is called the child’s pose because you get down on your knees and roll your head forward, similar to what a small child might do. Keep your knees apart, with your feet together and touching. Roll your head forward as much as possible, trying to touch the mat with your head.

woman practicing child's pose
woman practicing happy baby pose

Happy Baby Pose

The happy baby pose is another wonderful stretch. It is very gentle on your body, and nearly everyone can do it. This is a good yoga pose when you are new to the practice or need a good stretch of your groin and inner thigh. You also get a nice knee stretch that isn’t too hard on your knees. The happy baby pose will relieve a lot of stress and can be done down on the mat or in bed. All you do is lay on the ground and lift your legs to hold onto your feet with your knees out. Lift your head up just enough to grab onto those feet.