Flexibility Benefits of Chair Yoga

Although flexibility is regarded as a “by-product” of yoga practice, it is frequently “downplayed” or taken for granted in chair yoga. Since elderly citizens dominate the Chair Yoga community, mobility is the true benefit of flexibility. Flexibility is now of utmost importance, considering that mobility for seniors might be the difference between dependency and independence.

The average independent senior has substantially more significant hip, spine, wrist, and shoulder flexibility than their dependent counterpart. Many nursing home patients find it challenging to cross their legs. Many major joints will “free up” due to the exercises taught to students in Chair Yoga programs. Frequently students also mention how much easier it is to manage their pain after practicing Chair Yoga.

Reaching for anything is different when you have a broader range of motion. Additionally, injuries resulting from tension or potential falls may be avoided by increased flexibility and range of motion. There is undoubtedly a chance that if a senior falls, the consequences could be fatal.

There are many balancing exercises available in Chair Yoga. Medication, inner ear issues, and other factors may influence balance. Even so, many seniors exhibit significant improvement in their ability to balance their bodies within weeks of taking their first Chair Yoga lesson. Flexibility and balance are crucial components of an injury prevention strategy that can raise seniors’ quality of life. The elderly who regularly attend Chair Yoga courses are aware of this.

Most people are aware that there are other factors at play in dependence besides just physical conditioning. Senior independence is not solely a result of their lack of adaptability. Every one of us is susceptible to a number of disabling disorders unrelated to flexibility.

Less mobile and fragile elderly will, however, be restricted. Since their dignity is ultimately on the line, most elders should strive to maintain their adaptability. You might consider your physical health as a form of independence insurance. Because who wants to force their existence on their children or other family members?