Finding Your Motivation for a Daily Yoga Practice

Finding your motivation for a daily yoga practice

Want to be a yogi, but need help motivating yourself? Many face this common issue, not just with yoga but with all forms of fitness. Here are some easy ways to stay motivated for daily yoga practices.

Find the Main Benefits of Doing Yoga

Knowing why you are doing yoga is integral to finding its benefits. This is true for any habit or healthy lifestyle change you are trying to make. Instead of just starting by telling yourself you need to do yoga daily, think about the main benefits and your reason for wanting to turn it into a daily practice. For you, this might be for physical or mental health, better flexibility and strength, weight loss, or just getting into a better place emotionally. Think about your benefits and write them down!

Adopt a Different Mindset with Yoga

A new mindset is an extension of the previous tip of thinking about the benefits of yoga. It is also important to keep a positive mindset about yoga, focusing more on the good and less on the bad. Don’t think of it as a workout you HAVE to do or suffer through each day. That is only going to create negativity around your practice. Schedule it into your day, but don’t think of it like a chore or another appointment. To be genuinely motivated to do yoga and have positive energy, you need to have a positive mindset about it. Think of it as a way to improve your body and mind. And keep reminding yourself of what you get from it.

Turn it into a Daily Routine

One of the best methods of motivating yourself for daily yoga is to turn it into a routine. This should be something you automatically do at a particular time of the day each day. Think about taking a shower or brushing your teeth. You have been doing them consistently for so long it feels automatic. These are activities you will do it regardless of the circumstances.

Adding yoga to your routine makes it a practice you do daily without even thinking about it. You could practice after waking up before your shower or in the evening after journaling. You can also create a more extensive healthy routine, including adding meditation, writing in a journal, or doing yoga with family at home.