Deep Meditation Practices

Deep Meditation Practices

As you advance further into meditation practices and become familiar with basic meditation, there may come a time when you want to go to the next step. This often begins with longer sessions, then may include deeper meditation. Here are some ways to practice deep meditation when you get to intermediate or advanced levels.

Meditate After Doing Yoga

When starting to practice deep meditation, there are some basics you should know. First, timing makes a big difference. With this type of meditation, you aren’t just dedicating a few minutes a day to it. So you should make sure you have enough time and don’t have any outside distractions while practicing. If you do yoga each day, time for deep meditation should come after yoga. Yoga puts you in the perfect place to center yourself and continue with those important breathing exercises.

Use the Right Meditation Technique

Suppose you are trying to force yourself to try meditation and getting frustrated with it. In that case, it will be hard to do traditional meditation, let alone reach a deep meditative state. You must first learn basic yoga practices, including deep breathing and proper posture. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system, so your mind is clear and calm when your breathing and body are relaxed. Once you reach this state, you can work further on deep meditation.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

Deep meditation is done best with intention and practice; it is not something you can do overnight. You probably already know this, but take your time. While it is good to practice meditation and move forward to learning more deep meditation techniques, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. Gradual progression of your meditation practice is important, just like any other new skill you learn.

Try Using Mala Beads

Consider using mala beads as tools to help with deep meditation. These beads are similar to prayer beads, where you hold them in your hands to help tame your mind when trying to meditate. If you feel like just breathing is not allowing you to get to the right frame of mind for deep meditation, you focus on the beads in your hand instead. Think about their shape, size, smoothness, temperature, and how they move around in your hands. It is a wonderful way to re-focus and stay mindful.