Cultivating Positive Energy

people meditating near a lake

Most yoga students learn that the ocean, lakes, wide-open spaces, and mountains are full of Prana (vital air or vital energy). Wherever people congregate for a good cause, this positive energy can be felt even though the air is different. For instance, when individuals gather to reflect, meditate or pray.

You can experience it at home, a seminar, a yoga class, a martial arts studio, a church, a mosque, a temple, a shrine, an ashram, etc. In these places, people come together for the benefit of all. The energy can be utilized for the good of humanity and our tiny planet.

You may radiate this energy outward by being nice to others every minute of your life. This does not imply that you consent to abuse. You don’t have to become a “doormat” to be kind to everyone who enters your life.

You only have power over a select group of those you interact with daily. Why not strive to make every interaction harmonious and satisfying?

Here are some examples:

  • Stop yelling at other drivers on the road, gesturing obscenely, and using vulgar language.
  • Don’t take advantage of someone’s respect for you.
  • Treat everyone with respect – no matter their economic status.

What is the secret of attracting positive energy?

There really is no secret, but here are some suggestions to help you.

First, realize that you have infinite potential that comes from within. By regularly engaging in meditation and prayer, you also have unlimited potential from the outside. You receive a positive charge from your meditation and prayer that you can then use to help others.

You will meet others who are eager to lend you a helping hand by assisting others.

Here are some ways to cultivate positive energy around you.

  • Make it a point to begin each day with excitement. 
  • Greet everyone you encounter by saying hello. This applies to everyone you might ignore throughout your day, including the security guard, janitor, cleaner, garage attendant, and store cashier.
  • Quit criticizing your friends, coworkers, family members, and business associates.
  • Be tactful before offering any advice.
  • Tell your family every day that you love them.
  • Be genuine and respect everyone.
  • Give to others. You may send flowers, cards, letters, or heartfelt compliments. It need not be expensive.
  • Be dependable to your loved ones, friends, coworkers, and business acquaintances. 
  • Set goals. Setting goals at any age is a good habit. 

The final outcome is that your positive energy will attract others with similarly positive energy into your life. Remember that if this is a significant change for you, it will take some time. As the Zulu saying goes: “Patience is an egg that hatches great birds.”

Building Positive Energy

We all have a choice. Get back up after falling. Don’t blame life’s challenges and obstacles. Find your own ways to move over, around, under, or through them.

Everyone fails at some point. It is essential to use our failures as a springboard for future success. Concentrate on your prior achievements and cultivate self-satisfaction.

Your unique approach to overcoming life’s everyday challenges will determine whether you succeed or fail. Success is thus a matter of decision.

Success is limitless in comparison to what the majority of us consider to be feasible. Could early man have envisioned the idea of a forge when he first discovered fire? Could the contemporary man have imagined skyscrapers when he found the forge?

You need a support group to generate enthusiasm for achieving your shared objectives. Find and look for those who share your beliefs.