Alternative Ways to Try Meditation

Alternative ways to try meditation

While many people choose to meditate in more traditional ways of sitting quietly with their eyes closed, that is certainly not the only option. There are several different meditation methods that allow you to get the same benefits using other scenarios.

Breathing Exercises

The wonderful thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere and in just about any situation simply by practicing your breathing. This is generally how a typical meditation session begins because it allows you to get in the right frame of mind. Breathing exercises can clear your mind, bring positive energy, and re-focus your thoughts on something simple. It is also really great when you are practicing mindfulness.

Listening to Music

Listening to music is another meditation method. Different styles of music will help you achieve different results. Try laying on your bed while listening to soft, relaxing music with your headphones, and close your eyes. Just experience the sounds you hear and what emotions you get while listening to the music. Let yourself drown in the instrumentals. You can do this same thing while listening to something different, perhaps rock or music with lyrics. Notice the differences and how meditation can change depending on your surroundings.


If you enjoy swimming, you can swim laps and get many benefits from it. Swimming and surfing allow you to meditate without sitting at home or being in a closed-off, quiet space. Swimming alone provides a soothing environment and lets you think to yourself, especially during lap swimming when you’re alone and without a lot of other distractions. The combination of the water, sunshine, and being in a tranquil environment benefits your mind.

Relaxing Fitness Meditation

You can also use other types of fitness for meditation when you don’t want to sit quietly with your eyes closed. From tai chi to running, you can use many activities to clear your mind and even practice mindfulness. It is a different type of meditation that brings a lot of clarity and self-awareness to an otherwise regular daily activity. Challenge yourself to try new forms of fitness and see how your mind responds, not just your body.