5 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress

massage for stress relief

Stress is everybody’s business. You might think you have your stress under control. But the truth is that stress has a way of creeping up on you and causing severe health issues. We live in a hectic world that contributes to our stress hormone, cortisol, working overtime. However, this is far from how this hormone was meant to act.

The body’s stress reaction was meant to be called into play when survival was threatened, not when someone was 5 minutes late to work. Finding effective natural ways to reduce stress is beneficial, regardless of your stressor. Please do not rely on prescription meds. While they may offer short-term relief, things quickly worsen with continued use.

Try the following tips to reduce your stress naturally:


Exercise has numerous benefits on physical health. It can also help regulate emotional well-being and reduce the negative results of a stressful lifestyle. Physical activity increases beneficial chemicals in the brain, known as endorphins. These endorphins elevate mood, promote relaxation, and counter stress. In addition, exercise also increases testosterone levels. This is important because testosterone shares an inverse relationship with cortisol (as one goes up, the other goes down). For best results, exercise a minimum of three times weekly. Include both cardio and weight-bearing exercises in your routine.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Eating any chocolate makes you feel better, right? However, some chocolate is better for you than others. Milk chocolate varieties containing loads of sugar are not healthy. Rich, dark chocolate is very good for you. It has a compound known as epicatechin.

Epicatechin is a highly sought-after compound. It has many beneficial effects, such as improving heart health and brain function. It also can reduce the effects of stress and perceived stress. Perceived stress is a relative stress level since what affects one person may not affect another. Improving your threshold for stress is extremely important to your health.

Try A Massage

Why is it that people often opt for massages when feeling stressed? Simple, because it works! Stress is much more than “psychological,” as its effects manifest throughout the body in the form of muscular pain, tension, inability to sleep, and much more.

A massage can help address some of the manifestations of stress, such as pain and tension. Some massage therapists are also trained in the art of acupressure. This entails using focused pressure at specific acupoints to get “chi” flowing. Chi (or qi) is believed to be life energy, with blockages resulting in many ailments that we cannot fully explain. Acupressure isn’t merely wishful thinking. It is documented as having a profound effect on reducing stress levels in the real world.


Schools should teach meditation. No other technique has a more profound effect on many facets of human health than meditation. Yet, most people do not practice meditation.

Meditation is not complex. At its core, it involves focusing the mind on absolutely nothing beyond the immediate present. Anxiety worsens your stress burden. And meditation helps to eliminate the worry or anxiety about the future or past.

Laugh And Have A Good Time

The number one enemy of stress is fun. Laughter is the best medicine, after all. It can perform miracles. Laughter reduces blood pressure, eliminates pain, and helps to manage the negative effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Stressed individuals rarely take time out to smile and have fun. This only feeds the flames of a downward spiral. Make time for making memories. Laugh, have fun with your family, and don’t take yourself too seriously.